About Ida

Ida Li Preti is an elected school board trustee, a member of Toronto’s Board of Health, businesswoman and a mother of three young boys. Ida Li Preti is highly motivated and ready to represent Humber River Black Creek in the next provincial election as the Liberal Party candidate. Born and raised in Humber River Black Creek, Ida’s passion and commitment for community service prompted her to seek the Liberal nomination. Humber River Black Creek Is a wonderful community knitted together by neighbourhoods, each with their own unique and charming character. Residents have told Ida that they are seeking an MPP who listens, engages between elections, advocates for the local community, and has the skills to help make meaningful, positive changes.

Ida’s vision for the future of our community stems directly from her roots. Her parents and grandparents immigrated to Canada from Southern Italy in the late 1950’s to seek a better future. When they arrived in Toronto, Ontario, they were welcomed with open arms. Her grandparents worked hard and despite language barriers and culture gaps, were able to purchase a home, access great health and dental care, enjoy green space and clean air, and provide the opportunity for their children to gain higher education. Ida’s mother earned an undergraduate and master’s degree from York University and Ida’s father his doctoral degree from University of Toronto.

Ida’s family story resonates with many, but the reality is that today their story of achieving the ‘Canadian Dream’ is seemingly unachievable. Ida believes that this can change with the right leadership and community activation. Ida is fiercely committed to positive change by being a catalyst for community engagement and safety, better access to childcare, healthcare, education and training, as well as increased support for local businesses and vulnerable seniors. Underpinning her vision is a strong belief that sustainability and equity enhance, not detract from systemic change and economic growth.

Ida works tirelessly in her roles to achieve tangible results for the community. Ida has garnered much praise for her strong advocacy to improve governance, public accountability, special needs support, lessening the student learning gap, school facilities, childcare access and greening outdoor spaces.

Being a member of Toronto’s Board of Health, Ida was instrumental in expanding the student nutrition programs. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the safety and wellbeing of students, staff and families was paramount. She directed and oversaw mandatory smaller class sizes, and an increase in teachers, support and custodial staff for the schools throughout our riding. Ida also continues to advocate for mobile testing and vaccine clinics across the city.

Ida has irresistible enthusiasm, is an inspirational leader who has earned a seat at the table wherever she serves, and is respected as a credible voice in decision making. Her family has taught her the values of hard work, integrity and advocacy, empowered by moral principles to achieve positive change in public service.

Ida takes pride in her vital work of community building, and is committed to lifelong service based on personal and professional experiences. She will continue to be positive, respectful and to lead with transparency and accountability for her constituents, as well as for all Ontarians. Join us in supporting Ida’s candidacy for a Liberal voice in Humber River Black-Creek.

We are building great momentum in the community that is vital in our success in the next provincial election. I will continue to be positive, respectful and lead with transparency and accountability for the constituents of Humber River—Black Creek, and Ontario. Ida Li Preti