About Ida

Ida’s story resonates with many residents in Humber River­— Black Creek who share her experience as a child of immigrants that came to Ontario in search of opportunity and a better life for their families.

Ida is a University of Toronto graduate, a business owner, school board trustee and director on the Toronto Board of Health. Ida and her husband have been together for 22 years and have three young children.

Ida is passionate about public service, growing up in a household where her mother was a school teacher and her father dedicated his life to politics, community and public service. She has volunteered on multiple campaigns and believes whole-heartedly in the vision of an equitable and prosperous community where nobody is left behind. 

Ida first entered the political realm in 2018 when she was elected as a school board trustee, serving with grace and enthusiasm on various committees including Governance and Policy, Mental Health, Anti-Racism, 2SLGBTQ+, Student Achievement, Bylaw and Corporate Services.

Ida is an inspirational leader who has earned her seat at every table she serves, and is valued as a strong and reliable voice for progress. Ida has what it takes to help bring real positive change with Ontario Liberals as the first ever woman MPP in Humber River—Black Creek.

Key Accomplishments

  • Ida Li Preti was the first trustee in Ontario to move for lower class sizes and increased staff during the 2020-2021 school year, a model which impacted all local schools.
  • Ida Li Preti has supported working families and specifically single mothers by facilitating the creation of two new child care centers at St Augustine and St Roch and two more in the planning phases at St Jude and St Andre.
  • Ida Li Preti has been a strong and decisive voice in championing the protection of human rights for all Ontarians and will always fight for human dignity no matter the personal cost or sacrifice.
  • Ida Li Preti has secured thousands of dollars to be invested in our neighbourhood schools; an outdoor basketball court and new security system at James Cardinal McGuigan and new track field at St Wilfrid.
  • In addition, a new playground and school improvements were made at St Francis De Sales, capital priorities at St Jude, new security system and playground upgrade at St Andre and completed an expansion of St Augustine.
  • Ida Li Preti worked with the City of Toronto in expanding the student Nutrition programs to reach thousands more families who faced food insecurity during the pandemic.
  • Ida Li Preti is not here for a photo op, she is here to make a difference.
  • Ida Li Preti initiated partnerships with healthcare partners like Black Creek Community Health Center and Humber River Hospital to bring vaccination clinics to local schools to meet the needs of the community.
I pledge to continue working collaboratively with community stakeholders to address barriers to success and to ensure that nobody is left behind. Ida Li Preti